Meet a new Explorer!

By Amy Boyle

I find it extremely fitting to be writing this blog post on Columbus Day, a day when we celebrate a famous explorer. Well, get ready to meet the next one...

Here's Mr G and Columbus may have nothing on him! Spending the morning with Grant, his mother, and Grammie was beyond a treat.

This little man has an electric smile and giggles that just warm your heart. Seeing him observe his NEW WORLD was magical. I never knew how hilarious watching honey bees fly could be or that exploring mommy's bag would get such smiles.

Keep exploring and loving the world - as you little guy are certainly adored beyond measure!

Worth the wait

By Amy Boyle

Yes, it was definitely worth the wait - We were scheduled to do this portrait session a few times in September, but as you may recall there was a lot of rain then. So today we had it circled in red and wouldn't you know, we got the perfect day!

It is always a joy to watch my clients family grow - I have been documenting this family since the eldest, Miss S was 1 - she is now a big Kindergartener. With her siblings, Mr R and Miss A we had a ball playing on all the equipment and even stopped to take part in a picnic lunch and take a few photos themselves as well. Too cute!

Feast for the Senses

By Amy Boyle

A get away to San Francisco for work always ends up being a pleasure - What an amazing area  - Boasting gorgeous weather, super opportunities to get out and exercise, and finally at the end of the day, you can wind down with some of the best food and wine in the world! 

Flower markets at the Ferry Building

Walking the streets of San Francisco - California Street, Market Street, and the Nieman Marcus famed stained glass

Day trip to Napa - Stop #1 Domaine Chandon = divine!

Stop #2 - Silver Oak Winery 2006 Cabernet - Oh my!

Stop #3 and grand finale - Brix for dinner - Fabulous meal and company!

So it begins - Fall 2011

By Amy Boyle in seasons fall traditions

I have been noticing the leaves starting to change, the crisper days, and as if overnight my family magically requesting to eat heartier fare at dinner. Yea for slow cooking season too! 

Fall has begun -

Traditions my family loves, are Autumn bike rides, hikes in the woods or near the dunes, and having a cozy fire at the end of a chilly day. 

What traditions do you look forward to with the change of seasons?

The city as your backdrop -

By Amy Boyle

Meet the C Family  - 

We made great use of Chicago as the fabulous backdrop to their family portraits today. The weather was ideal and the smiles were plentiful!

Miss E is off to college in a few short weeks, so what a great keepsake these portraits will be for them. Wishing you all the best!




Summer Joy!

By Amy Boyle

To play, be free, dance, sing, splash, and and end the day with a ice pop - Wow, Miss B had a super day for her portrait session - After trying to get a session scheduled between complete deluges the day before, we finally got the perfect day. JOY JOY JOY! What more can I say...


Kathy George comments on Wedding Vows and City Wows

By Amy Boyle

What a beautiful day! From the mass,where Fr. Sparks said your were the nicest couple,to the cocktail hour,where the appetizers were delicious and such wonderful music.
The food and venue at the Holiday Inn was spectacular.
You both looked like you enjoyed the day.
We were so glad to be there with you.
Lynn, a stunning bride.Hope you relaxed in Hawaii.

Wedding Vows and City Wows

By Amy Boyle

Lynn and Jeremiah had the picture perfect day. The weather was glorious and their ceremony  at Old St. Mary's was so lovely and thoughtful. It would be impossible not to feel all the love and support from their many family and friends - The reception at the Mart Plaza showcased their love for each other and our beautiful city - What amazing views! With a sweet note to each guest, Lynn and Jere paid homage to their matchmaker, Blue.  See blog posts about how they met and see their E-session, here: Project Bride Feature and ABP Blog.


ABP wishes you a lifetime of happiness!




Colorful Cape Cod

By Amy Boyle


We had the great fortune of being on both coasts of the the US in less than 2 weeks time. What a treat to spend our 16th summer break in Cape Cod. The salt air, wildlife, and amazing colors are always a welcome sight. Side trips to Salem, Pocasset, Provincetown, and New York City just added to this wonderful 2 week respite!

"Here a man may stand and put all America behind him."  Henry David Thoreau


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