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Sugar and spice
and all things that are nice
That’s what little girls are made of

~ Unknown

Almost two years ago to the day I photographed this families 1st arrival, Miss H. Today, I met Miss G! What a lovely family Joyce and Michael have created. Miss G was so incredibly alert during our time together; it was such a treat to capture her expressions. Her older sister entertained me with her dancing and I may have gotten myself another photo assistant as Miss H really loved the workings of my camera. :) Prepare yourself for sweetness overload...

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Michael, Joyce, and Hannah Noser
Michael, Joyce, and Hannah Noser says:

Thanks Amy! Great job capturing little Grace's sweetness, and for making the photo session so easy and fun. Grace is another wonderful gift to our family. She fits right in and is lucky to have a loving big sister like Hannah. We continue to count our blessings!

Joanna Kasperek
Joanna Kasperek says:

These are adorable! I can tell that Hannah loves her baby sister very much. The family portrait is awesome too!

Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson says:

Just adorable!!! Congratulations. You have a beautiful family!!

Sharon Boslet
Sharon Boslet says:

Grace is absolutely beautiful and already so expressive! I can't believe how grown up Hannah is. Congratulations to the entire Noser family!

Chris Pinc
Chris Pinc says:

I love these pictures! It's great to see that Hannah and Grace are already bonding.

Lindsey Feigenbaum
Lindsey Feigenbaum says:

She's gorgeous!! Congratulations and best wishes to the happy family!

Kelly Harkcom
Kelly Harkcom says:

Such a beautiful family, Joyce. Congratulations once again!

Alissa Solomon
Alissa Solomon says:

Grace is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! What a gorgeous baby. I just love her cute little face!

Azmeena Duran
Azmeena Duran says:

Grace is adorable! And Hannah looks so grown up! You guys make super cute babies! Congrats and can't wait to meet her!

Ralph Rodriguez jr.
Ralph Rodriguez jr. says:

Congratulations on such a beautiful addition to a beautiful family. God's blessings!

Tom Glennon
Tom Glennon says:

She is beautiful. A Gift from God.

Josie Hanafi
Josie Hanafi says:

Wishing you both much joy, happiness, blessings, plenty of wonderfull moments together .....as you welcome your beautiful and adorable baby Grace to your family. Congratulations to you all.

Liza says:

The pictures are precious! Another cousin to add to our growing family.

Audrey & Derek
Audrey & Derek says:

Congrats Joyce & Michael!!! We'll meet her soon hopefully:D. she's adorable!! huge eyes and thick hair.. good job!!! hehehe

Tony Noser
Tony Noser says:

Another beautiful Noser baby has joind the family. Congratulations and I can't wait to meet her.

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